Mipro Group - Pioneer of safety

Mipro Group is a well-established and continually growing specialist in operation management systems and functional safety solutions. Our main products are safety related systems for rail traffic and industrial processes, and water and energy management control systems provided by our affiliate company Mipro Oy.

We have developed and supplied water and energy management systems for nearly 40 years and safety related systems for over 25 years. Numerous cities, municipalities and households use drinking water that is produced through our systems.

We can be considered as a pioneering company in the development of railway systems in Finland, and globally as well when comparing with companies of the same size. The number of journeys controlled and monitored by our railway and metro systems exceeds millions every year.

our objectives

The strategic objective of the group and its affiliate company is to further strengthen their market position and expand their market area. Together we develop our existing products and totally new product solutions based on customer needs and market prospects. The core of our business is the desire to be an attractive, competitive and flexible alternative that is easy to select as a co-operation partner.

our operating policy

The group’s business is independent and open, and is based on the operating policy and values defined together.

We are a reliable expert company and trustworthy partner. We comply with the following operating policy.

We listen to

We listen to the customer: what are their problems and needs. We provide systems and services according to our customers' needs at all life-cycle phases.

We pay attention to

We pay attention to the group's objectives, profitability and competitiveness. We develop our operations to improve our performance.

We act

We do right things at the right time. We keep what we have promised.
We act reliably and follow the requirements of customers and authorities, and comply with the agreed operating policy. We ensure the correct quality and safety in all tasks.

We develop

We develop our own skills and expertise and that of our team on a continuous basis. We develop innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to meet customer needs.