1980's - A rapidly growing department store of automation

In Finland’s industrial automation, 1980s was a decade of strong growth, modernisations and new technologies. Mipro was heavily involved in that transition. When the company was established in autumn 1980, its business was based on the principle of a department store of automation. As the principle indicated, the product and service range was wide and the customers represented many industry branches from process industry to water supply.

Mipro started international operations immediately in the 80s. Equipment agency businesses and imports played a significant role and constituted over one-third of company turnover. Safety related technologies and programmable logics were also a part of the transition in industrial automation at that time.

Mipro was the first company to introduce safety logics to Finnish industry and later on to railways. Since 1987, the company has implemented safety automation systems based on programmable safety logics especially for the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry and for energy production. When applying safety logic systems Mipro has co-operated successfully with the world’s leading safety automation supplier HIMA (Paul Hildebrandt GmbH & Co.).