2010's - A decade of growth and internationalisation

2010s is a decade of strong growth, development and internationalisation for Mipro. The development of our railway systems and the achievement of the highest Safety Integrity Level SIL4 open the doors to international tenders and signalling system deliveries to the main lines.

  • In the 2010s we focus on comprehensive railway projects that we are able to win in international tenders.
  • We make an opening for a new business segment and become a metro system supplier as well.
  • Our internationalisation efforts pay off and we start our first international railway project with the Estonian Railways Ltd.

Our water and energy management business is able to increase the number of its customers and deepen the cooperation with long-term partners. We develop and launch new products and services based on new technologies to enhance the operation in water and energy works. Our digital services such as situational awareness system create the basis for new business openings and partners that will strengthen the traditional automation business.